5 Ways To Incorporate Minnesota State Fair Food Into Thanksgiving

Fried Olives and Fried Fruit On A Stick

Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without some unhealthy appetizers to chow down on before scarfing down two helpings of Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of a regular olives & fruit display for guests to pick at, give them FRIED olives and fruit on toothpicks! Don't worry, they'll still be hungry and not sick at all by the time dinner is ready. 

Just feed them beer...

S'mores Beer

What is Thanksgiving without adult beverages? There are dozens of Minnesota State Fair beers and other drinks you could try to incorporate into your Thanksgiving dinner, but I feel like S'mores Beer is can also be a great Fall beverage. 

According to mnstatefair.org's Specialty Brews and Beverages page, the S'mores Beer from Giggles' Campfire Grill consists of the chocolatey, smokey Cygnus X-1 Porter from Excelsior Brewing Company. Rim the glass with chocolate dipped in crushed graham crackers, and top it off with a fluffy marshmallow. 

Turkey Legs

I've always wanted to try this for Thanksgiving. Instead of a regular turkey, opt for turkey legs! This is great for larger Thanksgivings where you want to do less work or don't know how to carve a turkey (or if you're terrible at carving and don't want anyone to know). And I'll be honest - maybe I'm a pig, but I actually enjoy these greasy, fatty turkey legs WAY more than carved white turkey. It's not healthy, but it's delicious. 

Turkey To Go has several turkey options, but I still love the basic turkey legs. 

Deep-Fried Bacon Cheddar Mashed Potatoes On A Stick

You simply can't have a Minnesota State Fair Thanksgiving without something "on a stick." It may as well be mashed potatoes. Here's an at-home tutorial on how to make them:

Tipsy Pies

This is my favorite thing here! Who doesn't love a good boozy pie made with local beers and liquor? Sara's Tipsy Pies are obviously the go-to here...and you can even get them in grocery stores. Sara has holiday pies like the Irish Whiskey Pecan Pie, made with Dubliner's Irish Whiskey, and Drunkin Pumpkin Pie made with Sweet Child of Vine IPA from Fulton. 

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