Twin Cites Gets KFC Chicken and Waffles Through 2018

Getty Images/Jennifer Long, EyeEm

KFC in the Twin Cities is serving up chicken and waffles through the end of this year. KFC NYE, anyone? 

I'll be honest, I've never had chicken and waffles before but I can understand the appeal. Chicken and waffles separately are my heart, so combined they are destined to be the perfect match. Obviously KFC understands this (like many other restaurant chains before it), so they're offering the delicious combo through December 31 nationwide. 

KFC via

According to USA TODAY, customers can order KFC's extra crispy chicken or extra crispy chicken tenders served with Mrs. Butterworth's syrup starting at $5.49, or KFC's Hot Honey fried chicken breast filet between two waffles starting at $5.99. 

The Twin Cities metro area has KFCs all over the place, and some open as early as 10 a.m. Honestly though, chicken and waffles looks like it'd be the perfect meal any time, day or night. 

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