My Quick Review Of Imagine Dragons' New Album, "Origins" + Fav Tracks

I can't believe I'm typing this........

When I started at Cities, I said I wouldn't lie to you, not going to start now.

Aside from a couple songs.....the stuff you've probably already heard is probably the stuff on this album. 

THAT said, you know me, I'm an Imagine Dragons super nerd.......I reserve the right to change my opinion.....and I probably will, but after first listen.......there are some definite bright spots, but there are some songs that sound like leftovers to me. Sort of hallow and really lacking that punch and passion that I love these guys for.

Ok, I can't stay negative on this here are the bright spots, to me. A couple of REALLY cool f'n tracks......

A bouncy sweet and oh so catchy little breeze called "West Coast"

Ok, this one......"Digital"......maybe find something to fasten as a seat belt, cuz this one is chaos. Wonderful, crazy, heavy, crunchy chaos......reminds me of a song called "Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails.

This one, perhaps you've heard. I think it's brilliant. "Machine".

There are a couple other songs I want more time with like "Cool Out" and "Bullet In A Gun". 

Plus there are solid little jams like "Zero" and "Bad Liar".

Plus PLUS......I'm guessing a few of the songs I'm discounting now will grow on me and change my mind. I remember not really digging "Whatever It Takes" at first. 

Bottom line, this is a band worth supporting and your taste may differ from mine, so go explore this a band that works tirelessly to spread positive vibes, cares about others AND still makes ALBUMS!!!

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