Man Involved In Wisconsin Girl Scouts Death Accused of 'Huffing'

The driver involved in the death of three Girl Scouts and one of their mothers in Wisconsin is accused of huffing prior to the crash.

Allina addiction specialist Dr. David Frenz explained to KARE 11 exactly what huffing is. 

"Huffing is similar to being intoxicated with alcohol," he said. "The thing that can occur, your reflexes can be slowed down. Your coordination can be impaired. ... It would be easy to make mistakes, while driving or doing other things." 

Frenz added that individuals huffing show "subtle signs" like paint on their hands after huffing spray paint in a bag, rashes around their mouth, nose bleed, or odd things involving their skin. It will not show up on a drug test, he said. 

According to KARE 11, the suspect, 21-year-old Colten Treu, and his passenger admitted to police that they had both been huffing chemical vapors prior to the crash. 

Photo: Chippewa County Sheriff's Office via

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