Local Coffee Subscription Is Taking Over the Twin Cities

This locally roasted coffee subscription is taking over the Twin Cities, because I know we are all about convenience. (And coffee.) 

City Pages shared this new micro-roaster in town called SK Coffee, which allows customers to subscribe to coffee deliveries every week, two weeks, etc. much like Ipsy, Chewy, Birchbox, or any of the other hundreds of subscription boxes out there. 

Co-founder Sam Kjellberg told City Pages that the goal is to make specialty coffee accessible. Kjellberg started SK Coffee while living in Boston with a Jiffy Pop popcorn roaster and his stove. Roasting five pounds at a time eventually led to him purchasing a 500-pound roasting machine from Hong Kong in 2016. The next year, he met Nate Broadbridge, the owner of a small business consulting company who had moved to Minnesota a decade ago. Together they launched SK Coffee as an e-commerce coffee subscription service. 

SK Coffee's beans come from small African and Central American farms. Currently there are about 100 subscribers, according to City Pages. 

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