Five Stylish Twin Cities Condos You Can Own For Less Than $100K

Even though I just recently bought my condo, I still look at listings daily to see what's out there. Now that the busy summertime home buying season is over, the pickings are slim...however, I was able to find these five condos that are totally stylish (or at least have some potential). 

My post is inspired by City Pages' 15 amazing old Minnesota homes for under $100K. Check out that article, because the homes they found truly are incredible, and some of them are dirt cheap. 

These are five stylish Twin Cities condos I found that you can own for under $100,000, not including association fees. Click on their photos to view the Trulia listings. 

1. 2615 Park Avenue #208 in Minneapolis

This 810 square-foot condo in an art deco co-op building is listed at $96,600. The Trulia listing doesn't say what the co-op fees are, but this would definitely drive up the monthly cost because from what I've seen, co-op fees are ridiculously expensive. Still, this is a great size for a one bedroom condo, so maybe it would be worth it. Plus, it's near the Swedish Institute and near Art Institute, Abbot NW Hospital, and Minneapolis Children's Hospital. 

2615 Park Avenue #208 via

2. 4201 Lakeside Avenue N #206 in Brooklyn Center

This one bedroom condo looks like it's undergone a major remodel over the summer (it sold for $57,500 in June and was listed in September at $95,000). Now it's listed at $89,900...even better! 

4201 Lakeside Avenue N #206 via

3. 127 Lexington Parkway S #1 in St. Paul

This entire condo is SO Instagram-worthy! Built in 1921, this one bedroom condo is going for $92,500 and is conveniently located near coffeeshops and just about anything an Instagrammer would need. 

127 Lexington Parkway S #1 via

4. 1501 American Boulevard E #214 in Bloomington

I'll be honest, the inside looks cuter than the outside. I'm pleasantly surprised by how nice this condo looks, and maybe you can call it home sweet home. It has TWO BATHROOMS and is going for $85,000. 

1501 American Boulevard E #214 via

5. 3909 Aldrich Avenue S #1 in Minneapolis

I think with different decor and less-cliche backsplash in the kitchen, this condo could have some real potential. It's a great location, though. It's currently listed at $99,900. 

3909 Aldrich Avenue S #1 via

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