Haunted Minnesota: Secrets On Grey Cloud Island

Grey Cloud Island is said to be haunted, but residents don't want us hunting for ghosts. The rumors as to why that is are even more dark and scandalous. 

According to Haunted Rooms, Grey Cloud Island has the highest concentration of Native American burial mounds than anywhere in the United States, making it a very sacred place that produces many ghost stories for visitors to tell. There have been sightings of a transparent motorcyclist and a young woman crying for her dearly departed infant, among other ghosts. 

Residents don't like ghost hunters, however, and it's been said that a man will chase people away with his white pickup truck. 

The strangest rumor as to why residents are protective of the island? Supposedly the church camp on the island is a cult or a secret KKK camp. Someone even discovered a decapitated dog skull on the island, leaving them to believe it's "one of the creepiest places" that they know of. 

Now that's a nightmare. 

Please keep in mind I did not create this rumor - I'm just telling you about what I'm reading on HauntedRooms.com. See the story for yourself here, and if you don't like me talking about a RUMORED secret KKK camp, then please complain to Haunted Rooms about the rumor. 

Photo: Getty Images/Dzurag

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