Mollie's Birthday Weekend in Ten Instagrams

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend with my mom, and it was the best birthday celebration I've had in a long time. 

Moving away from Colorado last year was hands down the best decision I could have made, because I really needed to branch out on my own and build a life someplace new. I don't regret doing it, but also I didn't anticipate that being away from my family would be that hard. I mean, of course I wish I could be with my mom and dad for dinner on any given weekend...but that's just not the reality. 

Months ago, I asked my mom to come out here for my birthday so we could have a girls' weekend. She made the trip out, and it was so much fun! Seeing me grow is obviously something she enjoys doing, and letting her into my life here at the radio station is one thing I love to do. I hosted Studio C with Passenger on Thursday, which kicked off our weekend together. 

See photos of Passenger/Mike's performance here (plus your meet-and-greet pics)! 

On Friday night, my mom and I finally took our first birthday weekend selfie together. The lighting is so great thanks to this O-shaped selfie light that I clipped to the top of my phone! She was amazed by this. It's all I could stare at. 

That night we trekked down to Red Wing to see Gary Spivey's Night of the Living and Dead at Treasure Island Resort & Casino, hosted by Dave Ryan and Steve-O of our sister station, KDWB. I always love listening to Gary on their show, and really enjoyed seeing him in person! I just wish my hair & tan looked as great as his. 

On Saturday (my birthday), I had to take some selfies with my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq. There's a great wall covered with leaves that I just had to use as a backdrop. It was a good thing we took them on Sunday, all the leaves had fallen off! Jaq Jaq is such a little ham. 

My sister Laura sent me this candle (and a love potion soap) in the mail last week, and I wasn't supposed to open it until my birthday. It's an intention candle called "Clairvoyance" made by Black Apron Goods on Etsy. It smells like pine, orange, and frankincense, and has tourmaline and quartz crystals. I think there's another crystal in there not listed on the label, but I'm not sure what it is (it's blue). I posted this photo on my @millcitymedium page, where I usually post photos about crystals, smudging, ghosts, etc. Please follow it if you love this stuff! It's hard for me to find people that appreciate the metaphysical here in Minnesota. 

Saturday afternoon, my mom and I went to see A Star is Born starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Our smiles eventually disappeared...we were both SOBBING at the end. If you've seen the movie, you understand why! (And you were probably in tears, too.) 

On Sunday morning, we took a long walk with Jaq Jaq. I noticed this mug in a shop window...this sums up my personal life! 

This photo was actually taken on Thursday, but I didn't post it until I was in tears having to say goodbye to my mom at MSP. She was so proud to see me following my passion here at the station. She took a bunch of candid photos of me in the studio (they turned out awful, I'm sure), but I posed for this one so she could get a nice photo of me doing my thing. I love you, mom! 

Haunted Minnesota: A Mother's Undying Love at the Warden's House - Thumbnail Image

Haunted Minnesota: A Mother's Undying Love at the Warden's House

Haunted Minnesota: A Morgue Turned Bowling Alley - Thumbnail Image

Haunted Minnesota: A Morgue Turned Bowling Alley

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