#FlashbackFriday - Anniversary Of A Project Very Near To My Heart

I had no idea how Matt would respond when I asked him to write a song for a cause near to my heart. I didn't know him that well. 

Through the process of the writing of this song, the recording, the meetings, the touring of the Twin Cities to put a video together, all to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, I learned just how big his heart is.

Our first daughter, Elsie (who JUST turned 6 yesterday), was born with Hirschsprung's Disease. (Basically she couldn't poop). First we couldn't figure out what the problem was. Then we found out she, at 8 days old, would have to have a bunch of enema's to clean her first and then at 11 days she would have major abdominal surgery. Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House, through our darkest days as brand new parents, we were able to feet from our daughter. Free of charge.

I wanted to give back somehow......here's the result.

Thank you, Matt. Thank you, RMH. Thank you, Dr. Anderson.

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