Five Minnesota Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by 2018

Here are five Minnesota-themed costume ideas for Halloween, all inspired by events so far in 2018.

1. World's Ugliest Dog winner, Zsa Zsa.

She stole the hearts of America when Zsa Zsa of Anoka, MN, took first place at the World's Ugliest Dog contest in California. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after. 

2. St. Paul Raccoon

Who can forget the brave little raccoon that scaled 12 stories up the UBS Tower?

3. Traffic Cone

This is self-explanatory. Everyone is freaking out about construction and the whole 35W situation, making this one of the biggest first world tragedies we've faced as a metro area. 

Getty Images/Xinzehng

4. Rainbow Cloud Roll at the Minnesota State Fair

The Rainbow Cloud Roll was one of the new foods at the Minnesota State Fair this year, and it was a HUGE hit! 

5. Toilet paper stuck to Donald Trump's shoe as he boards Air Force One in Rochester, MN. 

*face palm*

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