Spoon & Stable Chef, Gavin Kaysen, Opening New Restaurant In Early 2019

There are few restaurants in our city, our country, our world that are truly special. One of those is Spoon & Stable in Minneapolis. Of course, to have a spot like Spoon & Stable earn amazing awards like being one of the "40 Most Important Restaurants In The Past 40 Years" it requires a full team of incredibly talented people, BUT at the core of all that is Gavin Kaysen. The Bloomington native also opened Bellecour in Wayzata in March of 2017.

Now Gavin and his team will be opening Demi and it looks to be a stunning concept.

Demi, by the way, is inspired by the word “demitasse". 

I asked Gavin to share his enthusiasm for the new restaurant and he told me......

We are thrilled to create this new restaurant Demi, we have been inspired by so many people when creating this, from our local farming community, to our local artists, to the great team we have within both Spoon and Bellecour.  For this reason, we have chosen to see where else we can live within the hospitality and culinary community - and for that reason, Demi has been launched….

Now, because I did this Gavin, I get to be the first to eat at Demi. FIRST. (Man, I hope he reads this and agrees). Also, I hope I don't lose points because I don't think I can agree with the music part in the image below.   

You can follow Demi on Instagram for updates on reservations, stories, menu testing and opening date! 

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