Making A Murderer - Season 2 Trailer - Do We Care?

I've heard a lot of cynicism regarding M.A.M. 2......."burned out, don't care, you already sucked me in once I'm not interested in that again."

Well, I am interested. Quite interested. I'm curious to see what's been going on, where the case is at. I want further clarity on guilt or innocence because I wasn't really sure what to think after finishing the first installment. It was easy to go along with people's opinions one way or another, but forming my own truly honest opinion I wasn't convinced either way. (Although leaned toward innocent, especially the kid). 

The other reason I'm interested.....this is Netflix my friends. They've built up quite a reputation for really really quality content, so I trust them.

Anyway, here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet. 

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