Wild Winger Charlie Coyle & I Raced On The Ice, The Result Was Unexpected

I want to make one thing clear, straight away, this was never a challenge where I said, "I bet I can beat you."

I can play some hockey. I'd say I'm better than the average. Been skating since I was 3 years old. 

SO, the idea here was take someone who can play, someone who's been skating their entire life and put them up against a REAL hockey player to show JUST how good they are. How great at skating and how fast. 

Well, it didn't go as I planned at all. Instead I just looked like a whale beached on a patch of ice.

A huge thanks to Charlie for playing along. 

Video credit: Dusty Peterson

It was all in good fun and at a great event hosted by Ryan and Becky Suter to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. An event I'm lucky to have emcee'd the last couple years. It's always good to be around the people of the Ronald McDonald House, just a wonderful cause, and do my little part to give back to an organization that was there for us when our family was in a pretty dark place. 

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