#FreshMusicFriday : 3 Songs You Need In Your Life Right Now

Holy smokes I love this song. It's been out for a minute, to be honest, just sort of forgot about it. Then I heard again this week and it finally sunk it's teeth into me. THIS is rock-n-roll friends. Proof rock ain't dead AND that it can be fun! Dare your toe to not tap.

It's like Rancid put out a new track and got Brody Dalle to sing on it. Oh and Brody was a part of one of my favorite releases ever!! Spinnerette's EP was absolutely BRILLIANT. PLUS, how bad ass is this Aimee Interrupter gal!? Need to play this video on repeat for my little girls at home. 


I've been a fan of Leon since I first heard "Coming Home", but now.....I'm all in on this cat. A couple weeks ago, we had in him Studio C once again, then I checked him out at the Palace Theater.....he's grown so much. Just love what he's doing with his sound and amazing abilities.

This song.....complete departure from what we know from Leon. Another reason to love him.....we HAVE to support artists exploring and trying new things.


What can I say about Walk Off The Earth that I haven't already said. They're ridiculously talented, diverse and creative. Their videos are ALWAYS killer. This breeze to wrap up summer is a blast to listen to. Probably shake your booty, yo.



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