Twenty Bags of Marijuana Delivered to Radio Station

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Radio stations get all sorts of weird things sent to them, but twenty bags of marijuana is definitely a shocker. (Or maybe not, depending on how long you've worked in radio.) 

A group of radio stations in Boston received a package containing 20 bags of marijuana via UPS, reports Upi. Police say the package and its contents were sent to the State Lab for analysis. 

According to the Boston Globe, the package was addressed to an undisclosed individual who does not work in the building, nor works for any radio station owned by the parent company of those targeted radio stations. 

Recreational cannabis is legal in Massachusetts, however possession up to only 1 ounce is allowed per individual. Here in Minnesota, recreational is illegal but medical marijuana is allowed for those with serious health conditions like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and autism. Even then, the usage guidelines is very strict compared to most other states where use and sale of medical marijuana is permitted. 

Photo: Getty Images/Juanmonino


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