Texas Football Team Finally Breaks 77 Game Losing Streak

Fort Worth, TX's Diamond Hill-Jarvis has finally snapped a losing streak that has lasted for over 8 years! They defeated their opponent, Dallas Conrad, last Thursday to end a 77-game streak of losses. 

Lots of players in recent years had gone their entire High School career without a single win, but that doesn't mean they aren't celebrating this win just as hard as the current players. “It teaches you, and it’s incredibly difficult to explain if you’re not a part of it, but those kids got their butts handed to them a lot. It’s just the ‘Don’t Quit’ mentality, and it’s a grind,” 2013 grad Martin Rosales said. “The team is an incredibly tight-knit group of young men who share a very rare bond. I am proud to have played for Diamond Hill, as I’m sure all of my teammates were.”

Prior to last week's victory, the team's last win came back in September 2010. Find out how the team celebrated their victory here:


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