Meet The New Member Of The Fletcher Family!

We brought a new member into our tribe. 

So excited for you to meet......

"Doc Brown Pelowski" (Pelowski my actual last name)   

Doc and his siblings were abandoned in a field by some jackass breeder or puppy mill down in Oklahoma. As if being abandoned in a field at 4 weeks old wasn't enough.......they were abandoned in a field known to be populated by coyotes.

THAT is where the bad news stops. Doc, he and his siblings were named after the Seven Dwarfs, was rescued by a wonderful organization we just got to know, Ruff Start Rescue, and he went on to live with a great foster family until he happened, quite literally, into our lives. 

We met Doc at an Athletes For Animals Fundraiser and he melted my wife and me almost immediately. We went for the wine and social aspect and left with a sweet 12 week old an Australian Cattle Dog mix. That's how it's always happened for me and us. The right pooch comes into your life when you least expect it. We had a visit from a Labradoodle about a year ago and he was perfect, but it just didn't feel right. This time, we weren't even looking and along comes Doc.

Athletes For Animals is another great organization headed up by, uber power couple, David & Kelly Backes. The 2, along with a massive collection of volunteers, rescue founders, fosters, etc are doing some truly incredible things for pups who would otherwise be seriously sick, injured or even dead. We are so so grateful for meeting David and Kelly, without my chance meeting with David at the radio station a few weeks back, there likely is no Doc in our life. 

We are quite excited to make this little dude a part of our family, give him a great home and shower him with the love he deserved to get right out of the gate. 

Temporary soapbox moment......

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT buy from breeders or puppy mills. There are SO many puppies and dogs who already don't have homes among the dozens of great rescue organizations, I promise you can find exactly what you're looking for. PLUS, getting a dog through a rescue is almost ALWAYS going to be a better value. Ours came with all his shots, neutering, mirco-chip, not to mention he's already kennel trained and mostly potty trained. All of that, for? $400. Beat that. 


Now......just enjoy some great pics of our new buddy.

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