Is Taco Bell Bringing Rattlesnake Fries to Minnesota?

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Taco Bell is testing out new Rattlesnake Fries and Reaper Ranch Fries. Will these items make their way to the Twin Cities?

According to USA TODAY, Taco Bell is currently testing the spicy new deluxe items in Ohio through mid-September. 

Refinery29 describes the Rattlesnake Fries as thickly cut French fries (originally designed for Taco Bell's Nacho Fries) topped with nacho cheese, steak, and jalapeno sauce, topped with slices of pickled jalapeno. A burrito version (the Rattlesnake Burrito) is also being tested and includes the same variety of ingredients. 

My biggest question: 

No sites I've looked over come out and say that Rattlesnake Fries have rattlesnake in them. So...I'm gonna say no. Whew. 

The Reaper Ranch Fries include the Caroline Reaper as one of their main ingredients, topped with a generous portion of sour cream. Add seasoned beef, tomatoes, and nacho cheese for a Supreme version of the dish. 

So what's the likelihood of these test items making it to Minnesota? Based on the success of the chain's Nacho Fries, it's very likely. (Hopefully.) 

Photo: Getty Images/Nicolas Balcazar, EyeEm


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