Minnesota Women Rescued From Rainbow Unicorn Float

posted by @mollieonair - 

If you're looking for first world problems to have here in Minnesota, getting stranded on a rainbow unicorn float in the weeds would be one of them. 

Chisago County deputies said they spotted a group of women riding a giant rainbow unicorn float that had gotten stuck in the weeds in a lake, KARE 11 reports. They roped the unicorn and pulled it back to the dock, and proceeded to post a video of the whole ordeal on Twitter. 

Just about every celebrity, including Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, and the Kardashian sisters, have embraced the giant pool float craze that began a few years back. Normally you see celebs lounging on them in a pool...not in the weeds. 

Feature image: Chisago County Sheriff via Twitter


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