We're Officially Stuck With This Gross New Oreo Flavor

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Oreo announced the winner of its summer flavor contest, and I'm not a huge fan.

Back in April, Oreo announced the three frontrunners for its flavor contest were Cherry Cola, Pina Colada, and Kettle Corn. While I didn't ever get up the courage to try any of these, my picks (in order from best to worst) were 1. Kettle Corn, 2. Pina Colada, and 3. Cherry Cola. 

Honestly, I would be scared to try Cherry Cola Oreo cookies altogether. It sounds absolutely disgusting. And this is weird for me, because I love Diet Coke...albeit, I've always hated Diet Cherry Coke. 

Eden F. of Winnetka, California, took home half a million dollars after her flavor, Cherry Cola, WON THE CONTEST. Gross. 

Nabisco via People.com

"I was trying to capture flavors that reminded me of happy summers when I was a kid in the late '70s and '80s," she told Delish

Sorry, Eden, but your happy summers drinking Cherry Cola would be my nightmare. (Lol.) 

Because Cherry Cola won, it will stick around a little longer. People says the winning title doesn't necessarily mean it will become a permanent flavor, though. 

What's your take on this flavor? Have you tried Cherry Cola Oreos, and are they any good? Tweet me @mollieonair

Photo: Getty Images/stacey_newman


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