Wasps Are Getting Drunk on Rotten Fruit and Beer

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Our friends across the pond are having a tough time with a bizarre epidemic involving drunk wasps. 

First of all, I think it's important to note that, just like there are different types of people and different types of "drunks," there are the stinging insect equivalents. Drunk bumble bees would probably be adorable ditzy little things. (That would be my educated guess.) Drunk wasps, on the other hand, have proven to be raging alcoholics ready to sting anyone and anything in their way. 

According to Metro, there's a genetic trait in wasps that drive them to eat decaying fruit around this time of the year, making them extra aggressive. Long story short with this science stuff -- wasps are eating decaying fruit and sipping cider left around by humans, sending them into a drunken, sting-happy rage. 

Wasp season in Britain has been especially bad since it started six weeks earlier than usual. 

Shane of Ridtek Pest Control says hungry wasps typically go for jellies, fruit, and beer. Get more here

Photo: Getty Images/RelaxFoto.de


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