VIDEO: Smoked Watermelon Is Scaring the Internet

There's a video going around Facebook that looks like EXTREMELY RARE meat with juicy slices melting onto the cutting board. The bizarre thing is that this isn't meat - it's actually smoked watermelon. 

Served at Duck's Eatery in New York City, the watermelon is brined in a coriander, oregano, and salt mixture, dried, and then smoked for half a day. It's then scored and dusted with oakwood ash to give it a skin-like texture. Before being served, it's basted in olive oil, rosemary, and watermelon juices. 

One smoked watermelon at Duck's can feed three to five people for $75. 

I was told recently that dragon fruit can make vegan pulled pork. While that is such a great thing for vegans, this really weirds me out. 

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