My 2 Yr Old Fell Out Of A Shopping Cart - You've Gotta See Her Shiner!

Yesterday while shopping, our 2 year old, Evan, fell out of the shopping cart......and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how or where she landed......

Best news is, she's totally fine. To be safe we brought her in and the Doc said nothing broken, no damage to the eye, no concussion symptoms. In fact, right after the Doc she was pretty much her old self. What surprised me is, the Doc said shopping cart accidents happen "all the time" and that they're "really dangerous for little kids". Haha. I would've NEVER guessed. But you get a rambunctious kiddo with a strong will and mind of their own, like our Evan, and you take your eye off them for 2 seconds and I suppose this is what happens.

Thankfully our little spitfire is doing just fine.

It's unreal how quickly they heal.....this is from this morning. Eye is worse, but already her forehead is back to normal. And she's already back to normal, acting like a goofy fool every minute of the day.

A few weeks back we had a rare dinner at DQ and she insisted on wearing her hockey helmet, all day, including to and inside the restaurant, that might have to become the norm. Maybe she should just wear it all day everyday!?

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