Filipino Karaoke & Comedy Restaurant Coming to South Minneapolis

One thing I was most excited for when moving to south Minneapolis this spring was getting to be within walking distance of local coffee shops. Much to my dismay, the closest one to my place closed down just before I moved. 

Vicinity Coffee had a second location on 43rd & Nicollet, but it closed in March. Paper shut off our view of the inside of the newly vacant building, and a photo of Tom Hanks' head was taped up on the front door. 

Tom Hanks hung out there for quite a while, until one day Anthony Bourdain rose from the dead to deliver us the news that there's a new restaurant coming soon. 

"The coffee is gone, folks...But the food is coming," Bourdain's face tells us. 

Apoy, which means "fire" in Tagalog, is the brain child of Shawn Nafstad, Sherwin Resurreccion, and Curt Rademacher. According to the Southwest Journal, all three of them own and operate various food trucks in the area (separately and/or together). 

The new restaurant will feature a global wine selection and Filipino beers alongside its dinner menu. Apoy has plans to expand to breakfast and lunch at a later date. Nafstad says they plan to bring comedians to the stage and, Based on the headline of Southwest Journal's article, it looks like Apoy will aim to become the Kingfield neighborhood's go-to karaoke spot, as well. 

When they're ready to share it with us, Apoy's menu can be found at

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