I'm Obsessed With These Instagram Dogs

I'm on Instagram pretty much all day every day (@mollieonair), so I see a lot. One of my favorite things to follow and like are cute animals, like these three "Insta-famous" pooches. 

If you love tiny dogs, you'll want to follow them, too! 

1. Brussels_Sprout

Sprout loves the hustle and bustle of NYC. Find him sipping pinot and wearing the fanciest streetwear. 

2. yutafamily

This family of Thai cuties is so much fun to watch - especially the tiny chihuahua! 

3. chewiethechi

I can't get over Chewie's underbite. It looks like it hurts, but Chewie is so precious! 

4. Just for fun...worldscutestchihuahua

This is my baby, Jaq Jaq! Please follow him to see our daily adventures.   

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