Last Night: Former MN Wild Player Mark Parrish Jams With Nickelback

You know those people that have talent in so many different forms it almost makes ya mad......yeah, Mark Parrish is one of those. He scored over 20 goals many times in a great NHL career. It set it as a goal, no pun intended, to learn the guitar. Worked hard and hit the stage with a legit band and absolutely crushed.

Check out former Minnesota Wild member, Mark Parrish, rock "Animals" with Nickelback this past Sunday night (7/22).

WARNING: NSFW language at the beginning.

In case you weren't aware, Parrish is also one of my closest friends, so this was very cool to watch. I was really impressed (and I don't like to say nice things about him....hahaha)

Want proof I don't like to say nice things? Check out our podcast.......

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