Are Lay's New Potato Chip Flavors Inspired by Minnesota Cuisine?

I'm not sure which of these sound better as potato chip flavors: hot dish, Jucy Lucy, Jello salad, or, do I even DARE go there(?), Lutefisk. 

Luckily for everyone, there will not be potato chips baked in lye on the market. Not anytime soon, at least. Unfortunately, however, Lay's left Minnesota's unique foods out of their 8 new flavors inspired by local American cuisine. 

Divided by regions, Lay's is rolling out these new "Tastes of America" flavors. Minnesota, along with other midwest states, is totally overlooked and the honors are given to Chicago, IL's Deep Dish Pizza and a generic Fried Pickles with Ranch flavor for the rest of the Midwest.

Other flavors being released are Cajun Spice (Central Gulf), Chile Con Queso (Texoma, Mountain, Southern California), and Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice (Mid-Atlantic), People reports. 

The Deep Dish Pizza flavor is sponsored by Giordano's, so it's a given that they'll get their own flavor. The Fried Pickles with Ranch flavor disappoints me because 1. it's not even sponsored by Hidden Valley, 2. it's boring (delicious, but boring), and 3. I've had fried pickles at a southern restaurant, so I personally associate fried pickles with Florida and fried manatee or gator or squirrel or whatever. 

Yes, fried foods are at the Great Minnesota Get-Together and other state fairs (all over the United States). Fried Pickles with Ranch represent our state? Absolutely not. Yuck. Lame. 

Photo: Getty Images/Michel Tripepi, EyeEm

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