Take Explore Minnesota's Awesome Emoji Day Quiz

I'm not sure why we need a "day" for everything ever created, ever. But, there's a "day" for everything these days.

At least Explore Minnesota came up with a clever way to use emoji's. 

Take there quiz here. Answers down below. NO cheating   Hey, I used an emoji to talk about the emoji's. Special.


Scroll down for the answers.

Before you get to the answers, I'd like to thank BringMeTheNews.com for this story.

Now I'm creating space so you don't accidentally see the answers. Here, check out my podcast! 

Ok here are the answers:

1. Paul Bunyan

2. Mall of America

3. Walker Art Center

4. Minnesota State Fair

5. Paisley Park

6. Como Zoo & Conservatory

7. Boundary Waters (BWCA).

8. Red Wing


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