Southwest Airlines is Removing Your Favorite Snack From All Flights

Southwest Airlines will no longer serve this popular snack on its flights as of August 1. 

Peanut allergies have been a concern amongst a widespread population for quite a while. Something I can personally attest to is having to worry whether something has traces of peanuts, will I have an allergic reaction if someone sitting next to me is eating peanut butter, or (this one really scares me), am I going to die if a guy I kiss has eaten a peanut butter & jelly sandwich that day? 

If you scoff at the idea that Southwest Airlines will no longer serve peanuts, you are evil. 

The Denver Post reports the Dallas-based airline will continue to serve free pretzels and other snacks on longer flights. 

United Airlines and American Airlines also do not serve peanuts onboard. 

Photo: Getty Images/Holly Hildreth

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