Dog Bit by Rattlesnake While Defending His Owner

Our dogs may enjoy a lazy Sunday wrapped up in a blanket with a chewy, but they'll also defend us in an instant when danger is just steps away. 

Todd the Golden Retriever is being hailed a hero after he jumped between his owner and a rattlesnake along a hiking trail in Arizona this weekend, via USA TODAY

Paula Godwin, Todd's mom, posted a photo of him on Facebook after he was bit by the snake saying, "This is what a hero looks like." 

The right side of Todd's face is super swollen in the picture, but Godwin said he was recovering well as of Sunday. 

My chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, would probably do the same thing for me. Unfortunately, he would not survive a bite like that. So...he's better off barking (yapping) at the one neighbor I share a hall with in my condo building. 

Has your dog (or pet) protected you to this extent? Share your story with me on Twitter @mollieonair

Photo: Paula Godwin via USA TODAY

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