Dan Reynolds' HBO Doc "Believer" Is Important - Here's How To Watch Free

I don't think I need to summarize why this is important.....I think you should just watch it. I think it shines a light on something that many of us are probably in the dark about. I know I was. It shows courage and guts......resolve and determination. 

Here is how you can watch Imagine Dragons frontman, Dan Reynolds' new HBO documentary for free because I feel you should, even if you don't have HBO. It's pretty simple really.

Type in www.hbonow.com. It's going to send you to this screen.........

Then simply start your free trial and then remember to cancel and it won't cost you a dime. 

I can not imagine the struggle it is for LGBTQ youth (and adults) in Utah and to, essentially, be locked in a battle with their own church.....the "house" where they should find acceptance and love. 

And I'm really proud to know Dan. He could easily sit back and just not do anything. He doesn't HAVE to do anything at all. He chooses to. So much love for him and I could not agree more, that.........


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