Our Trip To Florida In Pics & Video - Including Amazing Dolphin Footage

We had a ton of fun on our quick trip to Ft. Myers Beach & Sanibel Island.....for National Seashell Day.....but this was definitely highlight.....I love dolphins, so this was bucket list item, of sorts, for me. The actual bucket list item would've been swimming with them, but I'll take this.

In this gallery, you'll see:

A duck that looks like a chicken, the first thing we saw in Florida.

The view from our room 

Selfie time!

The World Record photo of a human made seashell

The scooter gang

One great sunset with one great gal

Dolphins in Estero Bay

When we saw they had a Hooter's on Ft. Myers Beach, we simply couldn't resist. Regardless of the "gimmick" attached, the wings are pretty darn good......and my wifey and Zach just HAD to get these redonkulous shots and shot glasses.   

On the flight home, Wifey and I had fun goofin around with time lapse above the clouds.....we think it turned out pretty cool. 

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