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Do you have a #Cities97BBP Memorable Moment? Maybe you've been to every block party since the beginning, maybe you've only been once, maybe that's where you met your best friend or got engaged. We want to hear about it! 

Share your Memorable Moment with us and your moment could be shared on air or on Cities 97 social media, you could even win a pair of weekend passes for #Cities97BBP 2018!

Check out Keri's Memorable Moment below. 

I moved to MN in 2001. And in those early years, I was living downtown. You couldn’t avoid Basilica Block Party every July, and why would you want to? It took over the city, and the music swelled through the streets. There was a fun, festive energy that was so welcoming.

I didn’t know many people here at first, but my sister, Wendy, flew in one July, and we decided to discover BBP together. To be honest, I don’t remember who was playing that year. I only remember the excitement of discovery, live music, and the fun we had.

Fast forward to last year, my favorite Basilica Block Party yet! Wendy flew back in to MN, and we were front and center for Brandi Carlile, Ben Rector, WALK THE MOON (our favorite!), and so many others we loved. The weather was perfect. The music was outstanding, and we were sad when it was over.

But here it comes again! Basilica Block Party 2018. This year, Wendy is flying in with her boyfriend, Tom (who I love), and we get to watch another person discover what an unforgettable weekend in Minneapolis is like when you go to the Basilica Block Party for the first time.

I can’t wait!

-Keri Noble 

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