Chipotle Chocolate Shakes Could Be Coming to the Twin Cities

Chipotle is currently testing several items that could potentially (hopefully) make their way to Twin Cities locations. 

The Denver-based restaurant chain recently acquired a new CEO who formerly helped Taco Bell successfully jump into the breakfast world, and now we may be treated to all sorts of new delicious items on the Chipotle menu. 

USA TODAY reports Chipotle is looking into expanding business with breakfast, but for now their New York City test location rolled out quesadillas, avocado tostadas, nachos, frozen palomas, and Mexican chocolate shakes. 

I repeat: MEXICAN CHOCOLATE SHAKES. The 12 oz. cups are based on traditional Mexican cocoa with hints of cinnamon and spice. 

I'm really glad Chipotle is getting gutsy with these menu choices that seem like a no-brainer to serve its customers. While I love my boring chicken salad, I feel like I need more avocado dishes and chocolate shakes in my life. 

Which one of these test items would you like to see come to our Twin Cities Chipotle locations? Tweet me @mollieonair

Photo: Getty Images/AkayArda

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