#ICYMI: Why Did IHOp Change To IHOb?!

Will you go to IHOp for burgers?


Will you go to IHOb for burgers?

Obviously, it's quite a saturated market. I think they need two things:

1. Phenomenal burgers

2. One signature, enticing, burger we can't get anywhere else

Some tidbits, courtesy of BringMeTheNews.com

In the quick video available in the tweet above, IHOb gives a good look at a couple of its burger options:

  • Cowboy BBQ: burger topped with bacon, cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce. 
  • Big Brunch: burger topped with a fried egg, cheese and bacon.

It also shows a mushroom and Swiss burger, which we assume is a burger topped with mushrooms and swiss cheese (we're smart). 

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