(UPDATE) Dan Reynolds Documentary "Believer" Has A Trailer


The last year has been very very hard on Dan Reynolds. Battling multiple diseases, splitting from his wife, a traumatic car accident, etc. 

However, he's been battling the best way he knows how and that is by spreading positivity where ever and whenever he can with his platform that is Imagine Dragons. 

Well, he's about to reach out a new tentacle of that platform, in the form of a documentary in partnership with HBO......I have full faith this is going to be very very good......I believe Dan and HBO have both earned trust in the content they put out in the world. This trailer makes it look like this Doc will be quite powerful. Giving a voice to those who maybe didn't have one. 

I continue to be so proud of what Dan (and his band) have turned into since first meeting them in early 2012. I'm blown away, quite frankly.

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