Music Nerd: 3 New Must Listen Songs - 1 Made My Wife Cry

I like to call myself the music nerd.......cuz, I mean, if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck, right?

I'm sure she's going to be THRILLED that I shared that this song made her cry, but it speaks to the songs power. I purposely chose the lyric video because it's the lyrics are just so good. Please stop for 3 and a half minutes, or so, and listen to Welshly Arms......"Sanctuary". It's wonderful.

This chick is on the verge of a serious break out.......

"Rainbow Kitten Surprise" sounds like a name a bunch of junior high kids would come up with just in an attempt to be funny little smart know the kind where THEY think it's hilarious but everyone else just knows it's a lame attempt? 

WELL.....the difference is this is a real band. The name might be awful, but this song is super-interesting-cool.

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