I Can Now Vouch For "Cobra Kai" On YouTube Red - It's Worth Watching

First, let me start by saying this......if you're looking for Academy worthy craftsmanship, this isn't for you.

This is about solid drama, humor and, of course, nostalgia without pretense. 

The nostalgia is woven in very well.....not in a super cheesy way, which I was very much afraid of, but in a way that sparks the feelings you had when you saw the original. Done with respect, but also not taking everything too seriously. Forget the embarrassing Jackie Chan and Will Smith's kid attempt, I couldn't even watch more than 5 minutes of that disaster. THIS is where it's at.

Watching this has reminded me of just how legendary the original Karate Kid is. A HUGE chunk of my childhood and something tells me this will knock loose a few pieces of yours as well. 

BY THE WAY.....YouTube Red does a free one month trial, so if you're savvy and don't want the service after you watch this series, you can cancel and essentially watch it for free!

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