What's That Noise Round 2 - Sound 3 Guesses

Day 1 - 5/18

Shuffling Cards

Pouring cereal out of a box

Plastic beads being dumped in a bowl

Dumping out a bag of jelly beans

A dollar bill counter

Day 2 - 5/21

Candy coming out of a coin machine

Ice coming out of ice dispenser

Card shuffler

Currency counter

A coin counter

Day 3 - 5/22

Winding a clock


Pouring coffee beans into a coffee grinder

Pouring dried rice into a bowl

Ripping velcro

Day 4 - 5/23

Spinner on board game

Decorative beans pouring in a kaleidescope

A wind up toy, unwinding

Dominoes being knocked over

Bingo balls being agitated in the cage

Day 5 - 5/24

Pepper grinder

Pouring popcorn kernels into a popcorn machine

Rollin' a Rolodex

Pouring popcorn kernels into a pan or popcorn popper

Flipping the pages of a book fast

Day 6 - 5/25

A prize wheel spinning

Deck of cards being shuffle

A rain stick

Spinner from the game of Life

A sparkler being lit

Day 7 - 5/29

A spinning coin coming to a stop

Shuffling a deck of cards

A phone camera with a fast shutter

Blowing a pinwheel

An electric pencil sharpener

Day 8 - 5/30

Pressing your hand into ‘one of those metal pin art things

A playing card in the spokes of a bicycle

A bug zapper

Fizzle at the end of fireworks

Sewing machine needle repetitively moving

Day 9 - 5/31

Opening a bag of Doritos

Ice in a blender

Coffee Grinder

Peanut M&Ms in a bowl

Coffee beans in a coffee grinder

Day 10 - 6/1

A currency counter

Radio static

Finger flipping through cash rolled up

Marbles dumped into a bucket

Shuffling a deck of cards

Day 11 - 6/4

Tearing a piece of paper out of a notebook

Pasta poured into pot

Dumping buttons into a bow

A money counter at the bank

A metal spinner spinning hitting the dial

Day 12 - 6/5

Coffee being ground up in a coffee grinder

Flipping through post it notes

Tape measure retracting back into it's case

Pouring beans into an espresso machine

Cards through an electronic shuffler

Day 13 - 6/6

Pouring coffee beans into a bag

Ripping tape off a surface

Handcuffs closing

A fidget spinner

Coffee beans poured into a coffee maker

Day 14 - 6/7

Activation of a police stun gun

Liquid coffee pouring into a cup

CORRECT - Coffee beans being poured into a mug

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