Woman's Puppy Grows Up to Be Totally Different Species

I'd be devastated if someone told me that my pet was actually a bat, cat, rat, etc. Luckily, it's been confirmed my dog, Jaq Jaq, is in fact a chihuahua. But this woman discovered the $190 puppy she bought turned out to be a totally different species. 

The Mirror reports Ms. Wang of China took home what she thought was a Japanese Spitz puppy, but became suspicious when it quit eating dog food at three months old. It also never barked, its fur got thicker, and its tail got longer than that of a normal dog. 

A zookeeper confirmed Ms. Wang's suspicions, and she made the difficult decision to hand the fox over to the zoo for quality care. 

I could never personally hand over my beloved pet unless he posed an absolute threat to everyone around him. In the meantime, I'm keeping my bat kitten hamster piglet all to myself. (See below!) 

Japanese Spitz Photo: Getty Images/Wesley Chow, EyeEm

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