What's That Noise Round 2 - Sound 2

Day 1 - 5/10

Mechanical Stamp


Shuffling a deck of cards

Tire pressure gauge

Matches being struck

Day 2 - 5/11

Bean bag rolling

Pulling off a velcro strap and putting it back together

Stapler stapling a piece of paper

Advancing the film in an old analog camera

A box of matches shaking back and forth

Day 3 - 5/14

An electric staplers

Putting a cassette tape into a cassette player and closing it

Taking a bite of a potato chip

Taking a picture with a 35MM camera

The latch on a file cabinet open and closing

Day 4 - 5/15

Using sandpaper to sand

Pulling a bandaid off

Striking a wooden match stick

Tape being put into a cassette player

Band aid being ripped off

Day 5 - 5/16

Pulling masking tape off the dispenser

Opening up a bandaid

Pushing the button on a garage door opener

Shutter on a camera

Peeling scotch tape off the dispenser

Day 6 - 6/16

CORRECT - Cracking Open Peanuts

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