Ryan Reynolds Shares Intimate Details Of His Lifelong Battle With Anxiety

I'm blown away by this story. The "switching on" of a "knucklehead" and then switching off when done with appearances and etc. 

It seems silly, but it's good to remember that sometimes celebs aren't pompous jackwagons who are just aloof. Sometimes they're just people....human beings.

Ya know, sometimes they are aloof jackwagons though.....hahaha. 

Appears Ryan Reynolds are about as likeable a guy as you probably guessed though.

"He gets racked by dread and nausea before every talk-show appearance and becomes quite convinced he might die. During his ABC sitcom days, he chose to warm up the audience, partly to ingratiate himself, but mostly to redirect his panic or, as he describes it, “the energy of just wanting to throw up.” When we met at the Four Seasons here in Beverly Hills late one afternoon in April, he had barely eaten all day, because interviews for profiles make him crazy jittery too."

Click his beautiful face for the full New York Times story. 

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