'Excited' Turkey Traumatizes Minneapolis Residents, Authorities Called

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It's another day, another silly call to authorities about the Twin Cities turkeys. This time, residents were traumatized by an excited tom. 

Hennepin Dispatch shared a transcription of the (hopefully non-emergency) call made at Washington and Nicollet avenues on Saturday just before 8:30 p.m. that reads, "...officers are out with a, umm excited turkey, animal control will not respond saying its mating season and sometimes they think humans are attractive, the rookie officer is trying to get it to head towards the river." 

Dispatch joked in the comment section of the post, which can be seen in the Hennepin County Police & Fire Monitoring Page on Facebook, that they have "put in a request for the body cam footage" of the incident. 

Just last week, there was a report on the Police Clips Facebook page that a turkey broke into a home in Bloomington. Get that story here, or follow the link below. 

Photo: Getty Images/Todd Ryburn Photography


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