Royal Wedding Etiquette to Follow at Minnesota Weddings This Summer

The royal wedding is no joke when it comes to etiquette. If you don't want to embarrass yourself this summer at all the weddings you'll attend, then follow this to a T and you'll be good. 

Mashable says royal wedding guests can expect to follow these guidelines: 

  • Get to church on time. The British are punctual, and the Queen needs to be the last person to arrive (before the bride, of course). 
  • No selfies with the bride (or anyone). While this doesn't make sense for our normal, "real life" weddings here in Minnesota, think of it this way: the bride and groom are getting bombarded with hugs and kisses all day...on top of trying to celebrate their new marriage. Play it by ear with selfies at the weddings you attend this summer, but remember to be respectful of the bride and groom's time. 
  • Stick to the dress code. Wedding blogger Kate Beavis tells Mashable the dress code includes "hem lengths for guests (knee length), be smartly dressed in a jacket/suit, and that no one should wear white." There should also be "no bare shoulders for guests and no floor length gowns." If the dress code isn't communicated, don't be afraid to ask. 
  • Play it cool. This is a great tip for any A-list wedding. Whatever you do, just don't get starstruck. 
  • Don't disgrace yourself. When the booze is flowing, know what your limit is and stick to it. 
  • No talking to the press afterwards. Again, this is a great tip for any A-list wedding. You can lose friends quickly over this, and it's just disrespectful. 
  • Wait for the Queen. If you're wanting to leave the royal wedding early, think first. No guests should leave until the Queen leaves. At "normal" weddings, I'd personally say you should stick around until after they've cut the cake - even if you're not indulging in a slice. The bride and groom want their guests to participate in dancing, the bouquet and garter toss, etc.

What are your biggest wedding dos and don'ts? Tweet me @mollieonair

Photo: Getty Images/Thanakorn Phanthura, EyeEm

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