Is Ham Flavored Ice Cream Coming to Minnesota?

posted by @mollieonair - 

Ham flavored ice cream is hitting the market. Will it be coming to Minnesota?

Probably not. New Jersey ice cream company Windy Brow Farms is rolling out a new line of flavors called "Only in Jersey," including "Taylor Ham+French Toast." 

According to Upi, the company told they combined the French toast and maple flavors to balance out the "gross" pork roll-only flavor. They claim it's a "really good balance of super sweet and super salty." 

Unless another ice cream company here in Minnesota has already made a ham-flavored ice cream, or we make our own, we likely won't get to try this particular ice cream anytime soon. 

What would our gross-sounding "Only in MN" ice cream flavors be? I was thinking something along the lines of "Richfield Turkey," "Butter Sculpture," or "Grandma's Hot Dish." 

Photo: Getty Images/Bartosz Luczak


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