Is Ham Flavored Ice Cream Coming to Minnesota?

Ham flavored ice cream is hitting the market. Will it be coming to Minnesota?

Probably not. New Jersey ice cream company Windy Brow Farms is rolling out a new line of flavors called "Only in Jersey," including "Taylor Ham+French Toast." 

According to Upi, the company told they combined the French toast and maple flavors to balance out the "gross" pork roll-only flavor. They claim it's a "really good balance of super sweet and super salty." 

Unless another ice cream company here in Minnesota has already made a ham-flavored ice cream, or we make our own, we likely won't get to try this particular ice cream anytime soon. 

What would our gross-sounding "Only in MN" ice cream flavors be? I was thinking something along the lines of "Richfield Turkey," "Butter Sculpture," or "Grandma's Hot Dish." 

Photo: Getty Images/Bartosz Luczak

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AUDIO: Turkey Breaks Into Bloomington Home

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