Fake Service Animals Now Illegal in Minnesota

Minnesota has made it illegal to pass off an untrained dog as a service animal. 

A huge win for disabled people, this will grant legal action to be taken against those who say their untrained pet is a service animal, even when they're not. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press says issues have been reported in which the animals will cause a disruption in a store - something trained service animals would not do. 

Now, those who misrepresent their pets as trained service animals will face a $100 fine. 

The bill was unanimously approved, with a 125-1 vote from the House following. The bill was signed on Thursday. 

People are passing their pets off as service animals everywhere and abusing the system, unfortunately. Good Morning America talks about fake emotional support animals on airplanes in the video below. 

Woman Fined $500 at MSP Airport Over an Apple - Thumbnail Image

Woman Fined $500 at MSP Airport Over an Apple

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