What's That Noise Round 2 - Sound 1

Day 1 - 4/24

Stapler Closing

Taking a picture with a camera

Using a stapler

Agitating a spray can

Coin in a gumball machine

Day 2 - 4/25

Cards shuffling

Biting an Apple

A water bottle crunching

Cracking open a nut

A 3 hole punch, punching

Day 3 - 4/25

Cracking a nut

Biting into celery

Opening a package

Opening a can

A rachet wrench

Day 4 - 4/26

Lock being unlocked

Dice shaking in a cup

Someone cracking their knuckles

Slide projector changing slides

Shuffling a deck of cards

Day 5 - 4/27

Manual Credit Card Machine Swipe

Solving a Rubiks Cube

Ticket muncher at Chuck E Cheese

Stack of dominoes falling over

Coin going into a vending machine

Day 6 - 4/30

Popping Plastic Bubble Wrap

A bag of chips being opened

Trouble Bubble

Shuffle a deck of cards

Turning a peper grinder

Day 7 - 5/1

Old School Credit Card Swipers

Walnut Being Cracked

Air into an empty plastic bottle

Crinkly plastic gloves against the mic

Cracking open a fortune cookie

Day 8 - 5/2

Running your fingers down the teeth of a comb

Cracking an egg

Tapping fingers on something plastic

Opening a plastic prize bubble from a prize machine

Crushing a beer or pop can

Day 9 - 5/3

Cards being riffled

Pushing the gum our of the wrapper

Shuffling a deck of cards

Crushing a can of pop

Plastic ring on a pop bottle opening

Day 10 - 5/4

Lid of a plastic ice cream container being pushed down

Stepping on peanut shells

Clicking a Rubik's Cube

Snapping a handful of glow sticks

Soda can being crushed

Day 11 - 5/7

Pricing Gun

Taking the plastic film off a microwave TV Dinner

Taking the plastic lid off a coffee

Crumpling up the plastic liner for a crock pot

Sipping hot morning coffee through plastic lid

Day 12 - 5/8

Putting a coffee pod in a keurig machine and closing the lid

Breaking the plastic seal on a container

Putting a cassette in it's case

A glue gun

Crushing a water bottle

Day 13 - 5/9

Plastic Melting in a Fire

Opening up a cookie out of a wrapper

Plastic bottle thrown into a very hot campfire

CORRECT - Turning on a lighter

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