VIDEO: Wild Turkeys Spotted in Richfield

Today I met Richfield's wild turkey population, and I'm amazed this is actually a thing. 

Being from Denver, urban wildlife isn't anything new to me. I'm used to seeing foxes, raccoons, and other mammals wander into the urban landscape in search of food, but definitely not wild turkeys harassing people with gobbles at business doorsteps. 

I told a coworker of mine about the 4 or so wild turkeys I passed near 63rd and Lyndale today, and she told me that these turkeys rule the City of Richfield. She even pulled up a search on Facebook that uncovered many other people's posts of about these turkeys, like this video in front of Richfield Liquor on Cedar Avenue. 

Sure enough, this is a thing.

Have you spotted the Richfield turkeys lately? Tweet me your photos @mollieonair

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