Student Finds Loophole in Teacher's No Music Policy

One student was determined to do well on the midterm exam, so he found a loophole in the teacher's no music policy.

Eric Saueracker, a high school teacher in Vancouver, tweeted photos of a student who brought his vinyl record player to class for the midterm exam. Saueracker had set in place a no phone policy for obvious reasons, but also noted the phones could not even be used for music. 

"This student brought in a record player and is bumping Kanye in his headphones right now," he said. 

According to Upi, Saueracker shared a follow-up tweet to say that the student, who was listening to Kanye West's College Dropout album, aced the test. 

It sounds like this student beat statistics - while the "Beethoven effect" is a thing, listening to hip-hop has been linked to "a significant reduction" in reading scores, according to the Cost of College blog. Either way, listening to music helped this student get a good grade on his test. Good for him! 

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Photo: Getty Images/HEX

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