Dwayne Johnson Responds to Minnesota Teen's Promposal

One Minnesota teen got a response she probably never expected after asking Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to prom. 

On April 15, Stillwater High School senior Katie Kelzenberg tweeted the promposal to Johnson with a video and a sign that read, "Dwayne, will you 'ROCK' it at Prom with me?" The tweet went viral and got around to him. 

KARE 11 reports Johnson surprised Katie with a message over the intercom for the whole school to hear. He thanked Katie for inviting him to prom, but said he could not make it because he's shooting a movie in Hawaii. To make up for it, he invited Katie, her friends, family, and anyone else she wants to invite to attend a private screening of his new movie, Rampage, with along with all the popcorn, candy, and soda they want. 

Johnson proclaimed himself as an honorary Stillwater Pony, and also posted a message to Katie on his Instagram account. 

See Katie's reaction to The Rock's message during that school announcement below. 

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